Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lake Jennings

When I visited California in December 2012, I decided to travel light and take only my 35mm film camera, because it is more compact than the equivalent digital gear. I visited Lake Jennings, surrounded by a regional park in Lakeside, California. These were taken with my last roll of Kodak Ektachrome  E100S 35mm slide film. I like the way this film renders colors and textures, especially for trees and foliage, but it is no longer manufactured. These were taken using the Canon FTb SLR I purchased in Hong Kong in 1971. It of course is completely manually operated. I chose shutter speed, then set aperture using the camera's built in light meter (with a match needle system in the viewfinder) and focused using the focusing grid in the viewfinder. Adjusting focus quickly while panning to follow a moving bird is challenging, but the shutter on this mechanical camera responds instantly, while every digital SLR I have tried has a slight but noticeable delay.

Please scroll down to see all the photos in this set.

A view of the lake and some rugged hills in the background.

A pelican gliding serenely.
Four cormorants were fishing off this dock.
A pelican and two ducks.

Two pelicans swimming on the lake.
A pelican coming in for a landing.
A pelican on the wing.

An osprey perched on a sign on the road circling the lake.

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